Why Ekiden Coaching?

At Ekiden, our mission is to change the world through coaching. We believe every athlete deserves a coach, and that Ekiden will transform people and their athletic pursuits with personal coaching that is authentic, aspirational, and trusted.


Great Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

We match runners with Ekiden-certified coaches who are ready to keep you motivated and accountable while guiding you down the path to achieving your goals.


Whether your goal is to smash a PR, finish a race or make running a more regular part of your active lifestyle, your coach is there to provide guidance and keep you on track.

Personalized Training

Your coach will tailor and adjust your training plan based on your goals and experience level while making sure it fits within the constraints of your daily life.

Shared Knowledge

Ekiden coaches belong to a supportive community and shared learning environment with access to the latest knowledge and resources to help them stay on top of their game.


We're Different

We Are Not

  • Static training plans

  • Expensive personal coaching
  • Training books you need to read 
  • Old, clunky technology
  • Automation without personal accountability

We Are

  • Human, one-on-one, personal coaching

  • Attainable price, as low as $34 per month

  • Focused on accountability

  • Modern technology you already use

  • Custom, personalized training

  • Daily training reminders via SMS

  • Coach messaging check-ins

  • Mobile training calendar for planning

  • Training sync with Strava

  • Technology focused but human powered

Structured for Success

No Guesswork

Your coach focuses on planning so that you can focus on training. View your training schedule anytime from your phone, tablet or computer through the Ekiden web app.

Seamless Feedback

Communicating with your coach is seamless through Ekiden. Use the Ekiden messenger tool to send your coach feedback, ask questions or give them a heads up on an upcoming race.

Save Time

Daily text message reminders of the next day’s workout are sent straight to your phone. No need to ever dig through an endless chain of emails to find your workout!

Unmatched Value

Get matched with a great coach who will personalize your training plan and keep you accountable, along with access to digital tools and resources that will enhance your modern virtual coaching experience, for as low as $34/mo